Modular Lettering
Jam session with Birgit Palma & Daniel Triendl
The “Modular Lettering. Jam session with Birgit Palma & Daniel Triendl” is a workshop about creating an own typography – using a modular raster-preset prepared by the artists. The implementation and graphic interpretation of the geometric elements is the essential part of this process: While the choice of modules remain the same for every workshop, every letter created has an individual look due to the different interpretations of the workshop participants. The workshops were given together with Adobe Deutschland at Typo Berlin and Forward Festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in spring/summer '17.
The concept was to create a digital real time collaboration between the artists and the workshop participants. The font, created for the workshop, is based on a modular grid. It consists out of simple geometrical shapes, which can be reworked using Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. Every workshop participant had the task to design various shapes and update them in real time. Over time it was possible to see how the alphabet was developing together with the designs of all the people. As due to similarity of several letters, the elements are used various times in different letters and help to intensify the feeling of creating collective art.
The 'Modular Lettering' Workshops
The workshops were held at different locations in throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A different signature alphabet pointing out important attributes of the city was designed for every workshops in the different cities. The design was influenced by the design/language of every municipity and the illustration/design style of the certain area. Fotos:
 © Werner-Streitfelder & JMVotography