Tokyo Illustrated Type
Domestika Course

An illustrated type for one of my favourite cities – Tokyo. Mayor points of interest and culture, bits and pieces of tradition and technology combine with the letters.
The illustrated type was made for my Domestika course, where I'm showing the whole creative process step by step.
Modular Grid
The steps include the development of a modular grid and the creation of a typography using only basic shapes. The process involves trying to find a way to create a link to the city with the use of those shapes, composition, colours etc.
What is the course about?

In the course, I show students my basic workflow to create a digital lettering illustration. The task includes to learn how to search for references and how to merge typography and illustration by using modular grids as a base. Students are invited to play with dimensions and generate abstraction within the typography, always keen on the right balance between playfulness and readability.